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Legal Hold Pro Collection Tracking Product Overview Header

Giving In-House Counsel Control of Preservation

  • #1 litigation hold system, adopted by numerous Fortune 500 cos.
  • Framework for defensible, repeatable litigation hold procedures
  • More efficient process allows in-house staff to do more
  • Intuitive operation empowers GC to monitor and oversee preservation directly
  • A positive ROI

The courts have raised the bar on preservation over the years and having a robust, defensible system for legal holds. The courts have set clear expectations that In-house legal teams must have a repeatable process in place for notifying custodians and tracking compliance in order to meet a “reasonable and good faith” standard.

Legal Hold Pro has emerged as the leading litigation hold management system. General counsels can track in real-time preservation efforts across an organization. Having a detailed audit trail showing every action that is compiled automatically is invaluable should opposing counsel question a company’s efforts.

Household names in the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 use it globally as a cost-effective and easy-to-use method. Organizations of all types and sizes find it to be very affordable, especially if the legal team is seeking a better process or tracking holds manually.

  • GCs

    The right solution for creating a defensible preservation process

  • Litigation Support

    Reduce efforts by 75 percent and increase confidence

  • Records Managers

    Oversee preservation and collection efforts across the enterprise

  • Intelligent Preservation

    The enlightened way to dramatically lower litigation expenses