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Legal Hold Pro Collection Tracking Product Overview Header

Legal Hold Pro is offered as a Software-as-a-Service, or web-hosted, platform and pricing is based on usage. Customers pay for what they use, and can take advantage of volume discounts. That makes Legal Hold Pro affordable and accessible for small companies right up to Fortune 100s.

What’s even better is that there are no surprises. No upgrade fees or other expenses such as hardware costs or installations are ever part of the equation.

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How Pricing is Calculated

Our key metric for pricing is called the “active custodian-holds.” Volume is determined by measuring the number of active custodians who are on active holds. For instance, if a customer has 10 holds with 25 custodians on each, then its volume is 250 active custodian-holds.

Annual Subscriptions

An annual subscription includes unlimited client access to Legal Hold Pro, all data hosting fees, regular software maintenance and updates, backup and disaster recovery, initial training and user technical support. As a hosted solution, there are no additional software license or hardware expenses.

Annual subscriptions are offered starting at $4500/year. An annual subscription specifies a maximum number of allowable active custodian-holds in the system at any one time.

  • Legal Hold Management

    The fastest way to effectively automate the legal hold notification

  • Collections Tracking

    Powerful tool to manage the collections process

  • Customers

    There is a reason why it is the fastest growing legal hold system

  • Cloud

    The cloud offers accessibility and data integrity

  • Security

    Learn about how seriously we take confidentiality and security

  • HoldLink™ API

    The key to integrating with enterprise software systems

  • Pricing

    Affordable, volume-based pricing with no surprises