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Legal Hold Pro

Legal Hold Pro Collection Tracking Product Overview Header

Defensible. Efficient. Intuitive. Ready.

Legal Hold Pro is the fastest way to effectively automate the legal hold notification and compliance process. The on-demand service streamlines the practice of issuing legal holds and reduces risk via an automated and defensible process.

The legal hold process is now well established by numerous opinions around the country, so managing compliance effectively and efficiently is critical. Using Legal Hold Pro is the secure method for implementing a defensible way to communicate with custodians.

How Legal Hold Pro Works

CREATE – Initiating a new legal hold

  • Click "Initiate Hold" and a new form opens
  • Enter names of hold administrators and notification recipients (custodians and cc recipients)
  • Input the contents of the legal hold notice and attach any additional documents
  • Use templates to reinforce a repeatable process and speed implementation
  • Click the "Send Hold" button

MANAGE – One-click responses by custodians

  • Custodians will receive a professionally formatted email telling them their action is required
  • By clicking on the embedded "I Accept" or "Contact Me" buttons, custodians will acknowledge receipt of the notification
  • Custodian interview questionnaires can be included to solicit additional feedback
  • Hold administrators can easily send routine reminders to past due recipients

TRACK – Dashboard updates in real-time

  • The Legal Hold Center displays the current status of acknowledgements for each legal hold and alerts
  • All actions associated with sending, acknowledging, updating, reminding and releasing a hold are automatically tracked

REMIND – Simple process to reissue hold

  • Ensure best practices by sending periodic reminders to active custodians
  • Revise and reissue a hold easily, with all versions tracked by the system

DEFEND – Produce a detailed audit trail

  • All the information is saved in a single database and a complete audit trail prepared instantly as a printed report or export to Excel
  • Legal Hold Management

    The fastest way to effectively automate the legal hold notification

  • Collections Tracking

    Powerful tool to manage the collections process

  • Customers

    There is a reason why it is the fastest growing legal hold system

  • Cloud

    The cloud offers accessibility and data integrity

  • Security

    Learn about how seriously we take confidentiality and security

  • HoldLink™ API

    The key to integrating with enterprise software systems

  • Pricing

    Affordable, volume-based pricing with no surprises