Legal Hold Pro

Legal Hold Pro Pricing

Legal Hold Pro is offered as a “Software-as-a-Service” (web-hosted) platform and pricing is based on usage, specifically the number of active holds and the numbers of active custodians on each hold ("active custodian-holds").

Annual Subscriptions

An annual subscription includes unlimited client access to Legal Hold Pro, all data hosting fees, regular software maintenance and updates, backup and disaster recovery, initial training and user technical support. As a hosted solution, there are no additional software license or hardware expenses.

Annual subscriptions are offered starting at $4500/year. An annual subscription specifies a maximum number of allowable active custodian-holds in the system at any one time.

Month-to-Month, No-Commitment Pricing

We also offer a month-to-month option for users that have lighter legal hold needs at $7.50 per active-custodian hold. To start, we require a one-time account activation fee of $1,500 and a minimum charge of $175/month.

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