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Intelligent Preservation

Proactively Lower Litigation Costs While Protecting Your Reputation

The costs of e-discovery are mind blowing. Despite the technologists who announce advancements in storage, search and retrieval software to help drive down the unit costs, the frequency and sheer volume of e-discovery pushes costs in the opposite direction.

Invest in Legal Hold Pro and you will immediately start seeing the ROI. By employing best practices, you mitigate risk of inadvertent spoliation and increase your ability to effectively negotiate fair and reasonable scope of discovery, facilitating both proportionality and collaboration.

You collect, process, review and produce only that which is necessary. With automation, you save countless hours that can be immediately applied to more important and impactful tasks. With a common database of legal holds, you can effectively evolve away from a “preserve everything forever” mentality and start managing tasks like employee departures or disposing legacy data with ease.

You develop a knowledge repository that can inform other e-discovery readiness initiatives, be it investing in improved information governance or education and training. And with confidence, you keep the focus on the merits of the case and not on discovery about discovery.

Intelligent Preservation

Intelligent Preservation

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